World Rally Championship to Resume in Finland in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has had its toll on almost all sports. Even rally fans have had to notice that nothing seems to be the same this year. However, the race does go on even though some of the key elements will be missed. Finland will not organise its yearly WRC race in Jyväskylä in 2020. The decision was made due to the ongoing uncertainty concerning health risks and safety measures. By cancelling the event, the management team wants to show that public well-being is the priority. However, the decision has already been made that the famous race will be held as usual 2021 to 2023.

Jyväskylä Rally Makes an Impression

Jyväskylä has been proud to organise a yearly WRC race since 1951 during the last heatwave of summer in early August. The spectacle is Finland’s most prominent annual organised sports event, and the 2019 rally gathered together almost 290 000 spectators from all around the world. The race has become increasingly more popular and at the same time more international. Also, the demographics of the spectators are more varied and more female fans are also participating in the event. The rally is also the primary income source for a lot of Finnish small businesses, restaurants, hotels and cafes.

70th Anniversary of Neste Rally in 2020

The organisation team has shifted its focus for 2021 already. As that year will be the jubilee for the Neste Rally, festivities are already being planned. It will mark the 70th year the race has been held in Finland, and this one will ooze nostalgia, and the spectators will be presented with the atmosphere of years past. The anniversary will also bring to the forefront some of the most famous special stages. Harju and Laajavuori are legendary stages and that year the rally weekend will start and also finish with them.