Five Interesting Facts About Formula One

Formula One has evolved over the years. Many of the changes that have taken place since the sport began have continued to make it more exciting and thrilling. For new fans, the changes might not be so visible.

If you are new to the sport, below are interesting facts worth knowing.

Helmets Are a Tech Marvel

The helmets that the drivers wear are a technology feat that has its place in the history of the most interesting things ever made. They have the power to protect a driver from getting injured even after hitting a wall at 300km/hr. This was never the case before, and many drivers died after such accidents.

Refills Were Allowed At Pit Stops

Refilling was banned ten years ago. If you have been wondering why the cars don’t refill during the two-hour race, there goes the reason. FIA, which governs the Motorsport felt like such sessions were posing a massive danger in addition to giving some teams an upper hand in dominating the races.

Michael Schumacher Is the Greatest Champion

Michael has 91 victories under his belt. He has the most world championships points to his F1 card. He has seven championships as a driver and a similar number for constructor’s championships. Lewi Hamilton follows closely, and he is expected to smash these records soon.

Silverstone Hosted the First Grad Prix

Believe it or not, the first race back in 1950 was held at Silverstone, the same track where the competition takes place. It has some sentimental value to Grand Prix, and many fans pray it continues to be on F1 calendar as this is where one of the most intense competition goes down.

It Is Quite An Expensive Sport

Technology is the epitome of the sport. Teams spend millions of money to ensure they meet all the conditions and rules of the game and to face off stiff competition. Most teams’ budgets are from $400m upwards.