About Us

We are a blog dedicated to sharing news about the world of auto racing, reporting on news from big names such as NASCAR, Formula One, 24 Heures Du Mans, and the World Rally Championship. Although auto racing is a newly developed sport, emerging only in the early 1920s, it is one with a colourful history and incredibly captivating present. Auto racing, like all other sports and cultural phenomena, is heavily influenced by the culture and socio-economic conditions of the time, making it a hotbed for lively debate and discussion. This blog is dedicated to providing a safe and friendly place for your auto-racing news.

Auto racing news can consist of internet-breaking headlines regarding the state of current tournaments and competitions, expert analysis regarding key-players and controversial moves, and many other topics.

For those who are more intrigued by the technological advancements and mechanics that allow auto-racing to be the sport that it is today, we have a space for you. The colourful world of auto-racing news also includes talk of fundamentally important manufacturers and detailed discussion of the mechanics of auto-racing.

An Auto-Racing Beginner?

And for those who are looking to get into the world of auto racing before delving into the news; there are pages on the website that break down the origins of Nascar, Formula One, the World Rally Championship, and 24 Heures Du Man as well their current states today. Auto-racing began in Europe in the 1920s, before quickly spreading to the Americas. Now it is a celebrated and renowned sport that is competed in worldwide.